Fraternal Order of Eagles Willoughby #2300

Willoughby, Ohio

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building_frontaflag1Welcome to
Willoughby Eagles
Aerie #2300   
37299 Euclid Avenue,
Willoughby, OH  44094
Phone:  440/946-0077 
We are the Eagles and we are People Helping People.
Aerie Meetings:  1st & 3rd Thursdays:
  (7 PM – October 1 to May 1)   (8 PM – May 1 to October 1)
Auxiliary Meetings:  2nd & 4th Thursdays:  7 PM
FOOD:  Click on the “About Us” Tab above for our Kitchen
and Bar Menus and Hours.
St Patricks Day Hat
St. Patrick’s Day, Saturday, March 17th: Club Opens at 11 AM.
Corned Beef Dinners ($10) & Sandwiches ($8) until they run out.
(Pre-ticket sales at the bar start on February 26th).
Pop-The-Cork, 2-6 PM, AND Backtraxx 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM. 
Auxiliary Mother, DoryAuxiliary Mother of the Year,
Dory Lindic (far right in photo).
With Dory (left to right) are
Carol Banfield, Inside Guard,

Renee Gee, Auxiliary President.




Christmas Party Volunteers. Thank you !

Christmas Party Volunteers.
Thank you !

A HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make our adult Christmas party the best ever at our club.  Everyone in attendance had a wonderful time!





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The site was created to provide a safe and secure outlet for the Grand Aerie Headquarters to pass along the information our members request and deserve.

Go to the Grand Aerie’s Web Site:

At the Home Page -  click on the” MEMBER BENEFITS” LINK  & Click on “REGISTER”.


PLEASE REGISTER SO THAT YOU MAY ACCESS THE MEMBERS ONLY SITE. You will need your Paid Dues Membership Card in front of you.

Start by clicking on REGISTER
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Enter your Home Aerie number:  2300 and/or your four digit ID Membership number.

To access Member Discount Benefits Available to Eagle Members, visit the Member Benefits Page at, after you register for the Members Only Site.

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After you Log In, Click on the MEMBERS ONLY Button at the top right of the Home Page.  Scroll down in the drop down window and select Membership Benefits.  All of the Members Only Benefits are listed.


Click on the “What Is An Auxiliary Eagle” link immediately below.  This article by the late Past Grand Madam President, Dorothy Wilding, was originally published in 1980. 

What Is An AUXILIARY Eagle


“Are You A Member?
Are you a member that does their share
Or, are you a Member who doesn’t care?
Are you a Member who says I’ll try
Or, are you a Member who says, not I?
Are you a Member who’ll help to cook
Or, are you a Member who’ll sit and look?
Are you a Member who’ll carry the ball
Or, are you a Member who’ll let it fall?
Let’s make a Vow this very day
To be a Member who will say
Our Aerie and Auxiliary deserve my time
Because it’s not just yours, but
It’s Also Mine!”


FOE Mission

The Fraternal Order of Eagles, an international non-profit organization, unites fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills, and by promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.


On February 6th, 1898 the Fraternal Order of Eagles was founded by theater owners John Cort, John W. Considine, Harry (H.L.) Leavitt, Mose Goldsmith and Arthur Williams.

Sitting on a pile of lumber in Moran’s Shipyard in Seattle, Washington, the theater industry competitors met to discuss a musicians strike.  After deciding what to do on that issue, the decided to ‘bury the hatchet’ and form an organization dubbed The Order of Good Things and asked its members to “make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness and hope.”

The first meetings were held on the stages of various local theaters and after business was settled, a keg of beer was rolled out and all enjoyed a few hours of social activities.  A few weeks later, as their numbers grew, they chose the Bald Eagle as their official emblem and changed the name to The Fraternal Order of Eagles.  The membership formed a Grand Aerie in April 1898, secured by a charter, drew up a constitution and by-laws and elected its first president John Cort.  Within ten years the Eagles had 1,800 lodges scattered throughout the United States and Canada.  Boasting a membership roll that exceeded 350,000, members received free medical attention (as did the individual’s family), weekly payments in case of sickness, and a funeral benefit – all valuable services before the widespread availability of medical, disability and life insurance.

Most of the first Eagle members were connected with the theater – actors, stagehands, playwrights etc. – and as they went on tour they carried the story of the new order with them across the United States and Canada.  This is the reason the eagles grew so quickly and all across the country.

It was the Eagles who pushed for the founding of Mother’s Day, who provided the impetus for Social Security and who pushed to end job discrimination based on age.  The Eagles have provided support for medical centers across the country to build facilities and provide research on medical conditions.  We raise millions of dollars every year to combat heart disease, diabetes and cancer, help handicapped kids, uplift the aged and much much more.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles upholds and nourishes the values of home, family and community.  Eagles are hometown builders – we support our police, firefighters and others who protect and serve.  We help raise money for our communities…

We are the Eagles and we are People Helping People.